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Enter The Metaverse

Minoid lets you create your virtual world inhabited by animated avatars of your choosing. These avatars can engage in many different activities, whether sailing ships through the high seas or playing doubles tennis on a sunny day at Wimbledon.

Metaverse could be a public blockchain that provides decentralized services based on digital assets, digital identity, and value intermediaries to flourish in an open ecosystem where social and enterprise communities can freely reside.

Why is Metaverse in blockchain?

The Metaverse has been defined as an online environment that allows users to experience and interact with connected virtual realities, including the ability to communicate, create, and trade digital assets, goods, and services.

The blockchain technology of Digital Assets powers Metaverse – it’s what makes Metaverse different from any other blockchain. It serves as a BaaS platform where you can create and own your own digital identity, even if you do not; own a cryptocurrency wallet yet!

What is a Digital Identity Layer (Avatar)?

The digital identity layer, a unique attribute of Avatars, ties all of Metaverse’s services together. Every user that uses our platform has an Avatar they can use to create content and interact with other Avatars.

It allows you to utilize your existing social media profile information to log into our service (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and pull data from your profile such as name, avatar picture, bio information, and more. Your dedicated private key will be stored on your device and our servers for added security.

Metaverse Development Company in the US

Minoid is a leading Metaverse development company that offers a full spectrum of services related to Metaverse.

We provide customizable, highly scalable platform design and development for a wide range of business and industry verticals. The goal of our Metaverse Foundation is to expand the use of NFTs within the Metaverse ecosystem.

How Does Minoid Support Your Metaverse Project?

Our Experts create customized 3D Metaverse spaces for businesses seeking to develop their Metaverse Platforms or incorporate Metaverse NFTs into their blockchain-based solutions.

15175550691641229291 Interoperable Standards

We use open and interoperable standards for media, such as text, images, audio, video, 3D scenes, 3D items, 3D sequences, and vectors to create applications and elements for the Metaverse.

15175550691641229291 Decentralized Network

We host your Metaverse project on a decentralized network of high-bandwidth computers, allowing you to communicate with your users in a persistent real-time manner.

15175550691641229291 Metaverse Smart Contracts

We will build and implement smart contracts to ensure secure and efficient transactions in your Metaverse. This will increase the security of your virtual space.

15175550691641229291 Full-stack Programing

Our frontend and backend engineers use open programming language standards such as HTML, JavaScript, WebXR, and WebAssembly.

15175550691641229291 Maintenance & Upgrade

We offer maintenance and upgrade services for Metaverse-based applications to ensure that your network, nodes, and smart contracts never experience downtime.

15175550691641229291 Metaverse Payment Wallets

We help create a globally convenient payment system by providing crypto payment wallets and gateways, enabled by technologies like Swap that allow for rapid, seamless transfers between crypto-currencies.

Our Metaverse Development Services

We apply our expertise in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, and all new technologies to create attractive environments where users can immerse themselves.

15175550691641229291 Metaverse Applications

To give your valuable users a seamless experience on the Metaverse blockchain, we design user-friendly applications with key features such as automation, privacy, transparency, and user sovereignty.

15175550691641229291 Decentralized Platforms

We can build Decentralized Platforms for Gaming, Socializing, or Trading for your project. Our blockchain services include User Interface and User Experience design, frontend and backend development, smart contracts, oracle implementation, etc.

15175550691641229291 Cool Metaverse 3D Spaces

Metaverse projects can benefit from our wide range of scalable 3D space design and development services because they help users visualize and modify the virtual world and increase the use-case scenarios within that world.

15175550691641229291 Metaverse Marketplaces

From conceptualization to analysis to full-stack development, we provide end-to-end service for clients who want to launch their own Metaverse marketplace.

15175550691641229291 Social media Metaverse

We help you launch a social media metaverse that offers more connectivity, better virtual experiences, and a higher level of realism in the ways people can connect, engage and share

15175550691641229291 Blockchain Integration Services

We offer integration services to improve your Metaverse’s features, functionality, and availability. Our service portfolio includes system integration consultancy and integration services for APIs, data, and ecosystem tools.

15175550691641229291 Metaspace Marketing

We have extensive experience helping clients develop new marketing strategies and enhance their brand image. Our approach helps create awareness of your Metaverse.

15175550691641229291 Non-fungible Tokens

Metaverse NFTs can help you revolutionize your virtual world by enabling users to own their virtual property, increasing the token property’s value, and providing resale and royalty benefits.

15175550691641229291 Gaming Metaverse

Our team will help develop a dynamic gaming environment with freely tradable non-fungible tokens that can be used to play games and earn rewards.