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Our white-label NFT Marketplaces allow creators, collectors, and traders to monetize artwork and other collectibles by turning them into non-fungible tokens and trading them on the blockchain. Minoid presents a highly scalable whitelabel NFT marketplace product, offering liquidity at adjustable prices and running on powerful blockchain technology and back-end stacks.

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NFTs are still in their infancy as the potential of their practical applications has yet to be fully explored. They have established themselves in many different industries, from entertainment to art. Our team has been involved in building a white-label NFT trading platform, and we are ready to provide our experience to help your business be more profitable by bringing you innovative marketplace strategies.

Why White-label NFT Marketplace Platforms?

You might be asking yourself, why would I want a Whitelabel NFT marketplace? The answer is simple: time and money. The market for non-fungible tokens is growing, with $150 million being transacted on CryptoKitties in December 2017 alone. 

To compete in such a lucrative market, companies often have to build their infrastructure from scratch, which takes both time and money. Companies can save both by acquiring an existing NFT Marketplace marketplace platform. 

You will save months or even years of development time, but you’ll also likely find that you’ll need less investment capital (both monetary and human) than if you tried building your solution from scratch.

Got more questions?

Connect with our NFT marketplace consultants if you plan to launch an NFT marketplace soon. Our blockchain consultants will give you the best options and insights based on your requirements. NFT is a hot trend, and don’t wait for anyone! Don’t sit there wasting your time. Our team will help you realize your NFT marketplace ideas.

Please initiate a chat or email us at contact@minoid.io now!

What you get with Minoid White-label NFT Marketplace

18977472521623318897 We support all crypto gateways

Trade NFTs through major crypto gateways, including TRX, ETH, BTC, BTS, NEO, etc. We will work with you to connect your game to additional gateways if needed.

18977472521623318897 Customize UI at your will

Customize your NFT marketplace to match your brand identity. We regularly update the platform with the latest user interface and user experience best practices.

18977472521623318897 Professional blockchain engineers

Our team will improve your solution every day to ensure that your marketplace stays updated with the most traded tokens.

18977472521623318897 Scalability at its finest

We can help you boost your revenues with crypto and fiat gateways on a one-time payment or revenue-sharing basis.