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Quickly and easily expand your business with blockchain products from our company. You can deploy our products quickly, use them easily, and reach your goals sooner with less headache. Minoid’s white-label blockchain solutions and products eliminate the high cost and complexity of building a distributed ledger system, allowing startups to focus on core business challenges and driving the organization forward.

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Connect today and let us know how we can help you deploy blockchain solutions in your particular industry.

We have products that support digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, security tokens, utility tokens, and non-fungible token custody.

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White labeling is crucial for many businesses, especially small companies and start-ups trying to compete with industry giants.

Our fully integrated, tested and vetted blockchain solutions—which can be branded for your company—require little to no development time.

Docublock Document & Email Management System

162630381586787945 Need for Docublock

  • Protect your internal workflow or data security.
  • Avoid the time-consuming document editing.
  • No need to outsource a security team.
  • Protect sensitive documents at all events.

162630381586787945 Features of Docublock

  • Web UI for admins.
  • A blockchain network and a database.
  • Secure API gateway for internal use.
  • A user interface for document storage and access.

Minoid Docublock unifies files from multiple sources into a single folder, organized by client, project, or legal matter. Docublock provides you with a visual map of your work and saves you the time and effort of finding documents.

162630381586787945 Empower knowledge workers

Quickly and efficiently share information and ideas among individuals, across locations and time zones, without technological barriers.

162630381586787945 A single source of truth

A document management system brings all of an organization’s documents and email communications together.

162630381586787945 Work Seamlessly With Teams

Docublock integrates with productivity tools like Microsoft 365, Outlook, Word, and Teams to improve document management.

162630381586787945 Work Smarter

Use documents and emails to capture, organize, and share information so that it can become institutional knowledge and drive better outcomes.

162630381586787945 Work Productively

Remove roadblocks and reduce data silos so that knowledge workers can quickly gain access to information necessary for productivity.

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