Best DApp Ideas You Can Capitalize in 2022

Best DApp Ideas You Can Capitalize in 2022

There is no shortage of fantastic DApp ideas that could use the blockchain.

And there are plenty of opportunities out there to create your decentralized app (DApp). 

Coming up with good ideas for decentralized applications (DApps) can be complicated and overwhelming, especially if you’re a beginner in the crypto space.

You could even launch it as an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and raise funds to build it!

Here are some excellent ideas to get you started.

And if you need help realizing these ideas, get in touch with our DApp development experts at Minoid.

A micro-job site (paid in crypto)

Many people want to earn extra income but prefer doing small jobs rather than taking on traditional, full-time jobs. 

You could create an online marketplace DApp that connects people who have a small task they need to be done with people who have skills in completing those tasks. 

For example, you could set up a platform that connects high school students who want to make some quick crypto savings with local pet owners looking for dog walkers or cat sitters. 

And if you want to do something big, connecting workers with freelancers has tons of potential and will only become more popular as more and more people turn to freelance as their primary source of income. 

An ICO search engine

There’s absolutely no shortage of ICOs, but keeping track of them can be challenging. 

An ICO search engine will allow investors to browse through upcoming offerings, invest in projects they like, and view reports on their holdings.

This means that investors can maximize their returns on investment while minimizing any risk involved in these investments. 

Everyone wins when investors can make informed decisions about where to put their money—and an ICO search engine makes that easy and accessible. 

An ICO search engine is a crucial tool for investing intelligently.

A decentralized Ad platform

The internet is flooded with ads that are unwanted or even malicious. It’s time for a change. An ad platform that only accepts high-quality advertisements and rewards websites/users with tokens based on performance. 

For example, publishers could display relevant banners and receive better placement in their AdExchange or even additional tokens directly from advertisers based on their performance (clicks, engagement, etc.). 

Advertisers would spend less money on malicious traffic and get more value from their dollars by targeting specific audiences instead of huge masses (i.e., expensive CPC ads on Google Adwords). 

This same system could be implemented between individual users and companies to track down influencers across social media platforms like Youtube and Instagram.

A Bitcoin marketplace app

One of Ethereum‘s killer Aapps could be peer-to-peer marketplaces.

Imagine an eBay or Airbnb owned entirely by users, not corporations. 

That kind of app is made possible with blockchain smart contracts. 

An ERC20 game

ERC20 tokens are cryptocurrencies that adhere to specific rules of formatting and functionality, so you can make games that use these tokens. 

Take CryptoKitties, for example. These are ERC20 tokens used on Ethereum. They’re game assets that you can buy and sell, like Pokemon cards.

An app that pays you BTC in exchange for advertising

Leverage cryptocurrency wallets by offering your users a share of profits in exchange for in-platform advertising. 

Decentralized Social Networks (DSN) are all about: they give you—the app creator—the option to charge platform users directly through their existing cryptocurrency wallet (like Bitcoin). 

Users will be incentivized to earn part of your monthly revenue; you’ll be incentivized because you don’t have to pay intermediaries like Google Play or Apple their 30% cut.

NFT Quests

Non-fungible tokens are special crypto-collectibles that can be transferred but cannot be duplicated. One project that utilizes NFTs is Spells of Genesis. 

Its developers have taken things a step further by creating NFT quests, encouraging players to complete specific tasks to unlock unique card packs. 

It’s part of an initiative called Proof of Play, which allows developers to reward players with cryptocurrency without worrying about traditional ads and in-game purchases. 

The biggest benefit? It helps game makers monetize their projects while still making them fun and rewarding to play.

You could adopt a similar DApp development idea as well.

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